Travel Blockchain Startup Adds Industry Fire Power

Sweden announced that it has retained the services of DigiTravel Consulting. Co-Founder Steve Sedgwick stated, “The DigiTravel team adds years of expertise in the area of supplier / buyer relationships, a deep understanding facing the industry in a post Covid World and challenges that buyers and suppliers have using status quo business agreements.”

Susan Lichtenstein will add depth to our team of travel industry veterans and has accepted a Board position. “I am excited to work with who is focused on changing it all and bringing the benefits to both sides of the industry, buyers and suppliers. A marketplace focused on the entire ecosystem and providing a first-class experience for the SMB traveler. ”

Sedgwick added, “As we continue to build out the inner circle of the executive team with industry veterans, that understand the consequences of the high cost of distribution and need to reinvent. The focus on relationships and bringing new innovations to the marketplace including Alexa Voice for booking flight reservations, will create the industry’s first travel pocket concierge. The use of the Smart Profile coupled with Blockchain Smart Contracts, AI & ML Technologies bring new services to both B2C and B2B travelers.”

The Blockchain module empowers the new age travelers with quantifiable value-added services to minimize the hassles of travelling for business or pleasure. Our patent pending solutions provide real time predictive analytics and bring value to both suppliers and buyers in the marketplace. In our journey, we want to inspire our customers and help them offset their overall Carbon Footprint.

About™ is a B2B – B2C SaaS marketplace, re-inventing the way travel should be done. The easy-to-use subscription-based pricing model allows companies and travelers to make as many one-way flights and hotels reservations as necessary, without being nickel and dimed for every flight reservation. Being able to navigate procurement in a post Covid world without the high cost of service fees allows travelers to have choices when it comes to making reservations.

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