Tokenized selected by Aequantium LLC to tokenise equity and debt instruments using the BSV blockchain


Tokenized, an Australian financial technology company that offers a suite of smart contracting and digital asset software tools, has entered into a development and service agreement with Aequantium LLC, a start-up managed futures fund manager, to create and issue investment tokens for investors, as well as provide smart contract management and services. Tokenized are the creators of the Tokenized platform, a smart contracting platform that enables both issuers and investors to issue, manage and trade tokens, as well as interact with smart contracts and supporting services in an easy-to-use and streamlined manner. The platform is built atop the Tokenized Protocol, an open-source application layer protocol maintained and operated by Tokenized that is used to capture, standardise and automate transactions between financial firms.

The Aequantium volatility fund is a managed futures fund designed to hold cash and other collateral against a portfolio of exchange-traded futures and options on designated contract markets. Under the terms of the agreement, Tokenized will provide smart contract management and internal control accounting solutions to Aequantium, with all important records timestamped and stored directly on the BSV blockchain. In addition, Aequantium will leverage the Tokenized system for the on-chain verification of token transactions, as well as to provide access to fund data for both participants and regulators.

The Tokenized protocol leverages the BSV blockchain for its service offerings. The BSV network is used by both public and private entities as the basis for their blockchain-based applications because of its unique ability to scale unbounded, enabling diverse data functionality, micro and nano-payments, enhanced capacity and massive throughput capabilities. It is the world’s largest public blockchain by all major utility metrics such as data storage and daily transaction volume, scaling ability and average block size.

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