IMVU Launches First Digital Wearable NFTs – Available Now On OpenSea


Following a successful fashion and non-fungible token (NFT) showcase ahead of the Memorial Day Weekend, viewed around the world, leading friend discovery platform and social metaverse IMVU will be exclusively offering select digital fashions as wearable NFTs. These wearable NFTs will include designs from Gypsy Sport, Mowalola, Freak City, Mimi Wade, BruceGlen, and My Mum Made It, for purchase on IMVU’s OpenSea marketplace found at beginning today.

Digital wearable NFTs are the second entry into the blockchain space by IMVU’s parent company, Together Labs, who recently secured a no-action letter from the SEC for VCOIN, the first transferable digital currency designed for the metaverse and used widely within IMVU. As NFTs continue to thrive as collectibles, IMVU is changing the narrative on the functionality of these types of digital items. By offering NFTs as a wearable accessory for a user’s avatar, users can now proudly flaunt their favorite designer brands within the metaverse for their friends and fellow users to take notice. Merging the exclusivity of high fashion in the physical world and the limitless creativity of the metaverse gives users and designers a fresh new way to explore the emerging NFT space.

“The success of the IMVU fashion show has proven the future of digital fashion in the metaverse is already here,” said Lindsay Anne Aamodt, Senior Director of Marketing at IMVU. “With the recent launch of VCOIN to power virtual economies and the natural evolution of wearable NFTs in IMVU, collectors, fashionistas and our dedicated community of users will find amazing value in these digital designs.”

Each designer is offering select NFTs which range from accessories to complete outfits to virtual scenes that amplify each designer’s brand essence. The NFTs will start at US$100 and the OpenSea auction will last for 30 days. Additionally, IMVU users who wear their NFT virtual fashions on the platform will receive a special bonus gift from IMVU.

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