MorganFranklin and 1Kosmos Announce an Alliance

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1Kosmos, the cybersecurity solution that combines digital identity proofing with advanced biometrics, passwordless authentication, today announced an alliance with MorganFranklin, the global advisory firm. With BlockID, MorganFranklin’s cybersecurity consultants will be able to support their customers with a solution that mitigates the risks of identity compromises not only by eliminating the use of passwords during the authentication process but especially by proofing the user’s identity indisputably, thus eliminating impersonation.

Identity and Access Management has been playing an increasing role in MorganFranklin’s global consultancy strategy pertaining to the creation, implementation and execution of cybersecurity programs for clients worldwide. MorganFranklin facilitates how digital entities operate, and more specifically, which personnel can access specific types of information. MorganFranklin selects and shapes the organization’s IAM framework to equip a corporation’s IT managers with more control, building additional layers of protection against threats, while minimizing identity management costs and maximizing agility inherent to the support of new business initiatives.

BlockID is a passwordless sign-on solution that verifies a user’s identity prior to the authentication process. BlockID enrolls users by triangulating a given claim with a multitude of company or government-issued documents as well as sources of truth, including advanced biometrics. The authentication process involves a liveness test. The verification process includes the use of verifiable credentials in their digital form. With BlockID, clients of MorganFranklin will be able to reach the highest level of identity insurance (IAL3) and authentication insurance (AAL3) per the NIST 800-63-3 guidelines. BlockID is W3C and GDPR compliant and fully respects the Know Your Client (KYC) guidelines.

Steven Schoenhaus, Director of Channel Development with 1Kosmos said, “We are very excited to be working with MorganFranklin to help the workforce and consumers move away from user-names and passwords and all of the inherent risk and cost they create.”

Jason Berland, MorganFranklin’s Managing Director of IAM added, “1Kosmos’ solutions in identity authentication offer a unique and progressive approach to true digital access management – the IAM demand of the future. We are looking forward to delivering this layer of protection to further enhance an organization’s digital transformation.”

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