Erotic Art Finds a Home on NFT Platform NaftyArt With Million Dollar Pre-Launch Sale


NaftyArt NFT marketplace officially launches on September 16th with Erotic Artists and Adult content creators at last taking centre stage. Erotic Artists and Adult Content creators have been struggling for some time to get their work prominently featured on mainstream NFT marketplaces. A lot have found their work is removed as it contains nudity or at best they are shadowbanned, with potential buyers unable to see their work. NaftyArt, part of the Nafty ecosystem of Adult focussed platforms is an NFT marketplace specifically geared toward Erotic Art and adult content creators.

The site has been live since August and artists and creators from around the world have been uploading their NFT’s with many already having sold. A sale of just under $1 million USD has been recorded by the artist known on the platform as “Interdit”, the French word for forbidden. The anonymous artist who comes from the Middle East has never been able to show his erotic artwork due to its subject matter being regarded as a sin. His 69 card Kama Sutra collection caught the eye of a private buyer who purchased the entire series.

“For years I have been creating my art in secret, to finally get the opportunity to show my work is incredible. Never did I think it would sell so quickly, giving me a life changing amount of money. It really is a dream come true.”

Interdit is not alone on the platform, with well known Erotic artists like Little Dragon and Lily Hendrickson (aka Amber Chase) listing their works on NaftyArt. Along with your traditional artists, the site also boasts a large collection of Adult Content creators such as Eva Elfie and Tera Patrick minting NFTs as an alternative way of monetizing their content. This way of content monetization was boosted by the recent announcement from fansite Onlyfans regarding their policies on explicit content. Although the decision was subsequently suspended, many adult creators are looking for a more secure way to earn from content, turning away from traditional sites to cryptocurrency and blockchain based technology like Nafty with their ecosystem of platforms and adult token.

“We are proud and excited to have developed an ecosystem of platforms, which, along with the Nafty Token, put the power and earning potential into the hands of the creators. At last they can be justly rewarded without giving away large percentages on fees.”
Rob Kemenyfi – CEO Nafty

The benefits to creators are endless, NaftyArt isn’t a replacement for fan site income, this is an entirely new revenue stream. NFTs gives the fans and collectors the ability to exclusively own a piece of content with authenticity traceable back to the creator via smart chain contract. With auction bidding available as an option on NaftyArt, the prices can go up and up, creating frenzy bidding from multiple fans. Being on the blockchain means that if the fan decides to sell their purchased piece of content the creator still takes a royalty of the sale price, and this continues for every sale of that piece forever, it’s the gift that keeps on giving. The exclusivity of the sale means the fan feels a greater bond with the creator, rather than a fan site where anybody who pays sees the same thing, this exclusive piece can be theirs and theirs alone.

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