Graystone Company Announces It Has Executed Master Purchase Agreement For Acquisition and Hosting Of Bitcoin Mining Equipment

InvestorsHub NewsWire — Graystone Company, Inc. (OTC: GYST) announces that it has executed a Master Purchase Agreement with Blockware Solutions. The Agreement provides for the acquisition, installation, hosting and maintenance of Graystone’s Bitcoin Mining equipment.

“We are excited to be working with one of the industry leaders in Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency mining, that offer services in the United States,” said Anastasia Shishova, CEO of The Graystone Company. “In addition to acquiring mining equipment, the agreement allows for hosting with flexible terms at a low-cost facility. We are looking forward to growing our mining operations alongside Blockware and have confidence in our long-term partnership with them as they also become one of the largest US-Based mining pools.”

Under the agreement Blockware Solutions will provide Graystone with reliable access to inexpensive electricity, this key feature allows us to mine more profitably than most of its North American competitors and provide hosting services at competitive price point. Having the cost certainty, created by uninterrupted access to affordable power, will enable the Company to execute on all our short and long-term business strategies. As a part of the Company’s 10-year growth plan, the agreement will position Graystone to adapt to market downturns better than its competitors, while also earning significantly higher returns during bull cycles.

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