Safe and Simple Crypto Trading With the First no Fund Holding CEX

As the popularity of cryptocurrency continues to rise, more and more individuals are entering the market. However, a common issue faced by many newcomers is the lack of education and understanding of the space. On top of that, the use of centralized exchanges to buy, sell, and store cryptocurrencies raises concerns regarding the safety and security of these assets. With these challenges in mind, it is imperative for the industry to address the education gap and provide solutions for safe and secure trading.

This is where we, CryptoUnity, a revolutionary platform transforming the world of beginner crypto traders, step in. Our goal is to make cryptocurrency accessible and less intimidating for new traders through unique and innovative methods. Unlike other exchanges, we do not hold our users’ assets, eliminating the need for trust in the CEX.

Our platform is user-friendly and designed to simplify the process of entering the world of crypto. We offer comprehensive educational resources and a 24/7 support team to help beginners confidently navigate the world of cryptocurrencies. We prioritize safety and have implemented a cold wallet with an NFC card for secure fund storage.

We have already seen great success, with presales selling out and two successful audits from QuillAudits and CertiK. With CertiK we also completed a KYC Audit, where we acquired the gold KYC badge, demonstrating the highest level of transparency and accountability. We have also made an impact at major industry events like the TMRW conference in Belgrade, the ENEFTI NFT conference in Ljubljana, and the Blockchain Expo in Amsterdam and London.

The CryptoUnity Token (CUT) is a utility token that provides benefits and utilities on the platform, such as lower fees, education access, and rewards like holder rewards, airdrops, and giveaway advantages. We were deployed on the Binance Smart Chain in December 2022, with a total supply of 1 billion tokens divided between liquidity and ecosystem, private sale, project, presale Slovenia, team, presale Balkan, and worldwide presale. Token locking and vesting are applied to the CUT token.

We are committed to the safety of our users’ funds, which is why we have implemented a cold wallet feature in the form of an NFC card. With a beginner-friendly interface and top-level security, we are becoming the go-to destination for anyone looking to enter the world of cryptocurrency.

If you believe that we are creating something that is very much needed and you would want to be a part of this story, you can still secure your spot on our whitelist for our worldwide presale, which is opening on the 18th of February. You can read more about our project on our website, where you can also find our detailed whitepaper.

Join us on the path of simplifying and securing crypto today!

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